Go Baby Go! Are you Accelerating & Don’t Even Know It?

Go Baby Go! Are you Accelerating & Don’t Even Know It?

The temptation of that little red button to feel the rush would be far too tempting for me.

Its also too tempting for many contractors to push on subcontractors often without them knowing they are effectively accelerating or if they do know they are forfeiting entitlement.

Under an unamended form of NEC the Project Manager can only instruct a quotation for acceleration. If the Subcontractor submits a quotation (which doesn’t have to align with the rates in the contract) then acceptance would bring the contract completion forward by the agreed amount and this becomes the obligation to meet.

Acceleration is the only mechanism under NEC for the contract dates to come forward.

Now contractors are good at working on the relationship with subcontractors to get acceleration without the full cost and time implications. Do any of these points sound familiar?

🔸 Just work to our programme, we will tell you which areas to work in and when.

🔸 Our programme shows you need more resource so bring another gang in to meet it.

🔸 Scope has increased but your completion date remains the same.

🔸 Delayed access to work areas but your completion date remains the same.

🔸 Increased coordination with other trades reducing outputs but your completion date remains the same.

If this sounds familiar and you haven’t been asked to submit a quotation for acceleration then chances are you may be accelerating without the full commercial benefit.

Now I know I’m making a pretty broad statement and it is possible for scope increase, delayed access, resource increase etc… without acceleration depending on the impact to the critical path but in my experience contracts with these elements tend to impact the critical path in some way.

Knowing where you stand from time perspective is very important. You may be missing out on some of your entitlement, don’t forget your taking on additional risk by accelerating so you should include for these risk sums. By accelerating outside of an acceleration quotation your going to take this risk but miss your entitlement.

Many people reading this will no doubt say that they cant be aggressive and claim for acceleration because they wont get any more work. Rubbish. For a start you can claim without being aggressive. Your only claiming your entitlement, the subcontractors I work with do this and they are getting plenty of work so don’t miss out. It wont come to you, you have to seek it.

If you need any help or advice on acceleration then give us a call. We can help out with all things programme management.

If you want acceleration help with your car then unfortunately we can’t help! (For those that cant place the picture its the gear knob from Eleanor in Gone in 60 Seconds)

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